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Proposal for a Global Taxation System

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DAGTVA® – Prerequisites for the taxation system

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9 The universal system must be compatible and usable in USA. MTC / / PLUcm

As it is written on the PLUpf page : “  A global tax system cannot go against laws legislated by sovereign States. A method in the tax process that the OECD advocates, for its part, by favoring transactional taxation, and where tax revenues from consumption would be returned in the market State. We have therefore to take in consideration this preconization, especially when we note that these laws are in the process of generalization in the first which is also the quarter of the world economy, that of United States..

The most important of these laws is the « Wayfair Sale Tax » , following the decision 17-494 Wayfair Inc , by the US Supreme Court which seeks the restitution of sale taxes in market States. It is therefore imperative to integrate this law as a working basis, this is what DAGTVA does with an integration of this process in the law and becomes the backbone of this request in the search for a shared taxation system. » 

Observation : unified international transactional taxation does not exist, due to the lack of a technical environment that supports it. This is what you will see as locally in documents around the MTC work in United States where multiple differences on the ins and outs of the « Wayfair Sale Tax » , between States are recognized.

To conclude : the important thing was to provide a technically viable solution in United States, this is what I advocate with the DAGTVA solution for the creation of a shared taxation system, presented in the slide show in reference , in this page.

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