Paris – 15 Juin 2015. Présentation de DAGTVA à la Commission des Finances du Sénat : compte-rendu en Françaisen Anglais.

Paris – 10 Mai 2016. Presentation DAGTVA at PwC France during the annual VAT day: Slideshow (in French without comment).

Vienna – 12 Mai 2016. Presentation DAGTVA at IVA – International VAT Association, spring conference in Austria: Slideshow and related text.

Paris – 9 Novembre 2016. Presentation DAGTVA at the conference of  OCDE WP9 (indirect taxation) : Slideshow and adjoining text.

Nota : this last conference about the DAGTVA tax system is also on behalf the ultimate consumer through the futur payment by phone with the disappearance of cash in 2020 in Sweden and Denmark, providing  for the tax authorities, a solution for the tax certainty during peer-to-peer transactions, with the impossibility of using virtual currencies such as the Bitcoin. Emphasis has also been placed on the fight against poverty by the possibility of refunding the tax for the poorest. It was shown too the disappearance of the difference between the company (B) and the ultimate consumer (C) in the same process.

Answers in the frame of survey and call for evidence :

March to June 2017 – HRMC – Consultation about « Fraud on provision of labour in construction sector: consultation on VAT and other policy options »: Original HRMC documentAnswer DAGTVA.

March to June 2017 – HMRC – Call for evidence in alternative method of VAT collection: Original HMRC documentAnswer DAGTVA.

June 2018 – HMRC – Call for evidence in alternative method of VAT collection – split payment in the case of Brexit, Details of the answer.

October 2018 – Brexit and the future of VAT – Deal or no deal with the EU, how the UK will force the EU to change the paradigm of the European Single Market and take the leadership of the world indirect taxation, arguments for an agreement in the Brexit’ negotiations.


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